Devoted to help your technology work best for you.

We support Virginia’s middle peninsula and surrounding areas, offering help for several applications within several operating system environments - Mac, Windows, and GNU/Linux.

  • Domain & website management, VPN & remote access

  • Fiber, wired & wireless network setup & troubleshooting

  • Home & business technology, security, and A/V system setup & assistance

  • Virus, malware, and ransomware removal & data recovery

  • Marine electronics & technology solutions

  • Cryptocurrency & e-commerce incorporation

  • Tutoring for inexperienced computer users

  • Offsite secure backups for servers & desktops, personal devices

  • Automated disaster recovery solutions

Pricing is competitive with other on-site and remote support services, but support hours are limited to evenings and weekends – this is a secondary enterprise operation, by appointment only.

The head geek has over 20 years experience working with an array of technology, ranging from personal devices to enterprise-level servers and networks, and knows where to draw the line with task acceptance.  Our philosophy is that your time engaged with technology is to make your life easier, not harder.

Patience is always critical to understanding, regardless of experience.  Please contact us below for advice or assistance with any tech-related problem you are facing, we’ll see what solutions are available.

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Cloud Solutions

In today’s increasingly connected world, organizations are challenged in more ways than ever to stay ahead of the curve.  Cloud computing can be designed to fit your unique needs, help improve productivity, and optimize workflow. With cloud-to-device solutions, we'll help you get organized, and help you keep your data secured and available for continued stability with secure integration to a myriad of cloud based services provided by Google, Microsoft, and Amazon.

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Security is paramount to success, and most security points of failure are too often overlooked.  We will help you understand what you can do to ensure you keep your digital life how you want: yours.

Cryptocurrencies are becoming a security interest for businesses and individuals alike.  We believe in the future of technology and reliable currencies, and aim to help others embrace and understand these upcoming financial solutions.

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Mobile Connectivity

Our IT motivation is to help organizations and individuals to create integrate their infrastructure and optimize workflow with automation. There are wide variety of technological capabilities to boost efficiencies, enhance security and allow room for future growth.  Remote interoperability is becoming essential, and secure access to your operations from anywhere you want to be is possible with our planning.

Contact the Mill Creek Geek team here.

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